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Date:JANUARY 14TH 2018 12:00 PM

Location: 1625 N Central Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Join us on the second weekend of each month for a whirlwind of great art and hands-on activities. Through the generosity of Discount Tire Company, the Museum offers free general admission on the second weekend of each month, with exciting activities, scavenger hunts, live performances, story time, free tours, and more. Each Discount Tire Free Family Weekend features an opportunity to learn about and make art with a featured local Valley artist, from muralists to dancers and more.

JANUARY 14TH 12:00 PM, 
FEBRUARY 10TH 10:00 AM, 
FEBRUARY 11TH 12:00 PM, 
MARCH 10TH 10:00 AM, 
MARCH 11TH 12:00 PM, 
APRIL 14TH 10:00 AM, 
APRIL 15TH 12:00 PM, 
MAY 12TH 10:00 AM, 
MAY 13TH 12:00 PM, 
JUNE 9TH 10:00 AM, 
JUNE 10TH 12:00 PM

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